The Ultimate Christmas Cocktail: Pomegranate Pear Appletini

Layered cocktails, where the different densities of the ingredients enables a beautiful layering of liquids, can make any occasion much more festive. The challenge is to find ingredients that both pair well together and also differ enough in their densities to create layers. Generally, the higher the sugar content, the higher the density. You put the liquid with the highest density in first, and then follow with liquids of decreasing density. Usually, simple syrups on the bottom, followed by liqueurs, and then the spirit or soda water.

Although any clear glass will do, you want to choose something that displays your layers the best. This may take a little trial and error on your part.

Because I want to make my drinks for Christmas, I chose ingredients that not only look “Christmas-y,” but also have flavors reminiscent of the holidays.

Here’s how I make my Pomegranate Pear Appletini:


The ingredients are Sour Apple Schnapps, pomegranate simple syrup, and pear-infused Vodka. Note: since this appletini will be stirred by your guests instead of shaken with ice, keep all ingredients in the freezer.


Since the pomegranate simple syrup is highest in sugar content, it is also the liquid with the highest density, so I pour that in first. I don’t measure the amount – I just put enough to have it’s beautiful color represented, without making the drink too sweet. Just on their own, the sour apple Schnapps and the pear-infused Vodka are amazing on their own (in a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio), they don’t need much sweetening. This glass is only about 3 inches tall, so the total volume of my cocktail will be about 2 ounces.

To prevent the liquids from mixing, pour the Schnapps slowly over a spoon.


When poured correctly, the differing densities between the simple syrup and the Schnapps, create distinct layers.


Using the same technique as when pouring the Schnapps, add the pear vodka. The densities between the Schnapps and vodka are similar, so the two liquids mix without disturbing the layer of simple syrup.  If you pour very carefully, you may be able to see the vodka in a clear layer above the green of the Schnapps.  I add about the same amount or just a bit more of vodka that I do the Schnapps. That’s it! So cute and so easy!



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