The Portable Cocktail

It’s Friday night. I’m going to the salon for a very luxurious evening off mommy-duty. The only thing that would make this the perfect is a cocktail while getting my hair lovingly deshevelled. The problem is that the salon I’m going to doesn’t serve drinks. A travesty, isn’t it? You finally get an evening to yourself, which as a mom happens once in a blue moon, and you are denied a celebratory cocktail? No, you don’t have to be deprived any longer. Thanks to the advent of mini liquor bottles, you can keep a veritable mini bar in the trunk of your car. You can then use your choice of alcohol to your favorite beverage. Tonight’s cocktail – an orange chocolate mocha made by simply spiking a Starbucks mocha with Godiva chocolate liqueur and Grand Marnier. Delicious, relaxing, and no one will ever know our little secret! 

  P.S. Please drink responsibly and never drink and drive! Cheers!


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